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Robotic Services provides data science consulting, development and support to enable companies to run experiments on their data in search of business insights.


Image Processing solutions

Image processing is the method of manipulating an image to either enhance the quality or extract relevant information from it. AI Image Processing Services combine advanced algorithmic technology with machine learning and computer vision to process large volumes of pictures easily and quickly.

Image Segmentation

This process involves segmenting an image into multiple homogeneous regions based on certain similarity parameters, so that each region can be individually analyzed and is different from its neighboring regions. Such categorization helps in tagging people, labeling objects, face recognition, traffic control, and various other tasks.

Contextual Image Classification

Humans can separate a person or object from their surroundings by identifying boundaries and doing a comparative check with memories or records of similar entities. Computers require a certain context to classify things and form a relationship between pixelated regions. This way, signals, and noise are distinguished and pattern recognition can be performed.

Object Detection

Object detection is the first stage of intelligent image analysis. Each object consists of several distinguishable properties that the software can use for classification. This, combined with an existing library of images, allows the software to compare, learn and determine valuable techniques to locate similarities and differences and provide accurate detection results. Object detection facilitates processes like automated damage assessment for insurance claims, property maintenance, store inventory management and more.

Face Recognition

Once the software recognizes an object, in this case, a face, the image is further processed to identify the person by comparing the facial data with existing data. The applications of this technology range across industries like healthcare, traffic management, manufacturing, HR management, security and so on.

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